*waves hello*

Hello, blogosphere! Been awhile since I’ve written here!

I never finished writing about the last day of our last trip together. Or anything since. Why? There were a lot of exciting things that happened that I still don’t know how to put into words. And there were also some things that were hard for me. I know I’d say something wrong if I even attempted it. But it was amazing time spent together and I’m so grateful for everything we were able to do and all the time we had together.

We had another long, wonderful weekend last week! Soooo many wonderful moments to share.

Maybe writing this will motivate me to actually start writing again? Maybe… 😛

~His “k”

“Yoga,” Flowers from my Sir, and a Golden Surprise

This is going to be a long post…but there are SO many wonderful moments to share. I missed writing some things in the past post from day 2. How could I forget to write about our fun in the kitchen?! You came up behind me and turned me, pushing me up against the counter. Your lips, your tongue, your firm hold on my back and your body against mine…mmmm. You pulled me into the middle of the room, bent me over, lifted my skirt up, and fucked me so good… There were times where I was gripping the counter for support as you slammed into me. And then I gave everything to you, bending down to grab my ankles, completely at your mercy. I couldn’t hold myself up at all. How I even stayed standing, I have no idea. You grabbed my hips and pulled me into you, using your fucktoy for everything she has. I wish I could explain this moment better. It was SO HOT!!!! I came right there in the middle of your kitchen floor.

Another moment I missed…Later, we slide down to the floor from the couch. You pull me close against you and I am so incredibly relaxed in your arms. I end up falling asleep on your arm. Hope you don’t mind. 🙂 Short and sweet, but a great memory.

Now onto Day 3!

This morning, you get up and grab your rope. I kneel on the bed, watching you turn back to me. You smile, I blush and look down. You step closer and wrap the rope behind my back, sliding it slowly over my skin. I glance up to you, my Sir, as you wrap again and again around my chest. As you pull tighter, I can feel myself slowly losing reality. I take a few deep breaths to feel the restrictions of the rope tightly wrapped over and under my chest. As my eyes are closed, you grab both tits roughly, squeezing and pulling. I gasp! And my eyes open wide. I’m so tender! But I find myself again and close my eyes, relaxing into your hands. Not even a second later, you let go and it suddenly feels empty. You pull out a zip tie and grab one tight again, binding it tighter and tighter until it stays in place under the rope. And the same to the other side. I take slow, deep, controlled breaths, relaxing…until I feel you step away. It suddenly felt empty.

You come back to me and I feel warm again. I want to sit up and kiss you, even though you were only gone a moment. But before I can, you take my collar off and set it aside, replacing it with a big, thick, cold one. Once it’s locked in place, I realize that I cannot move my head at all. You point out that this means I can’t look down. And you’re right. I nervously fidget feeling more constricted than ever before. It takes a moment but I find my peace in you and settle into this fate. Your warm hands find my nipples again but it quickly turns to ice when you replace it with clamps. Fuck, I’m still so tender from yesterday! The chain between them is up through the ring in this collar and I can control how much they pull with every shaky breath. And then something comes down over my head. I fight the temptation to pull away until I know exactly what you’re doing. It’s a battle as it pulls down over my eyes. I realize kind of what it is, even though I’d never seen yours (didn’t even know you had it!) and open my mouth for whatever is going in it. At this point, I had NO idea what kind of gag it was. You fit the opening in my mouth and tighten the straps to secure it in place. I want to look down and bury my face in humiliation, but the collar prevents that. You planned too well. You slides two fingers in my mouth and rub them over my tongue. I can’t suck them…you just tease me and then leave me empty again, drooling for a taste of you. I try to swallow, but I can’t move my head or close my mouth. I try to look up more to keep it from spilling down my front, but that pulls hard on my nipple clamps. Your face when I realized how trapped I was… what I’d give to see that look more often. I groan in protest as my slobber drips down my chest. You smile and step closer, rubbing more over me. You take off the gag and I wipe the drool from my face. I hope I didn’t get your toys too wet! You remove the clamps and the obtrusive collar, putting my petite one back in place.

Still bound by zip-ties and rope, we head downstairs for breakfast and snuggle up on the couch for a bit. Slowly, the plastic slips and I’m left just in rope–not a bad way to spend the morning! Eventually, we make our way back upstairs and cuddle. You tell me to put my vibrator in while we relax. I’m still wrapped up in rope and happy to be here wrapped up in your arms while we relax. We both drift off to sleep–yeah, with the vibe in. I was tired too. 😛

When we both wake, you sit up and fuck your kunt with the toy—mmmmmmm!!!!! I open my legs, grinding against your hand. I love feeling your hand slap my clit with every thrust. Doesn’t take long before I ask to cum. You kindly give me permission right away and slam harder forcing me to cum all over the bed and my legs and probably all over you too. Again and again, you fuck me with it, each building in intensity. You stop…leaving me squirming for more… and tell me to play. I grab the vibe as you slip the towel under me. I LOVE getting to see you right above me…your sexy face and your Dominant presence over me. I cum hard again, making such a mess. Thanks for the towel!

Some time later, we are back downstairs continuing our marathon. I shift my head from your chest down into your lap, just relaxing. But I can feel your cock on my forehead and smell you and it all becomes too distracting. I nuzzle against you through your boxers and kiss your tip. I rest my head back down…but that doesn’t last long before I am face down in your lap again. You pull your cock out and give me permission to have it in my mouth, but not to suck. Mmmm I wrap my lips around you, pulling gently, tasting you. Yummy! My tongue swirls around you and curls up below your tip. Mmmm I am drooling. You taste so good!!!!! I can feel your cock twitch and I almost feel bad because you’re watching the movie…Almost. I suck a little harder and sink down to feel you against the back of my throat. Your hand settles on the back of my head and your cock gets harder in my throat, making me gag. I hear and feel you groan. But you told me not to suck…so I slow myself and just enjoy having you on my tongue. Mmmmm.

You make a comment reminding me that I’m not supposed to suck you. I smile with my face still at your cock and reply that “I’m just having fun.” And I’ll prove it to you. I grab your hand and guide it back to your kunt–I know it’s sopping wet. As soon as you touch me, you mutter something that makes me smirk. 😉 The movie pauses. I look up to you and you guide me to my feet, grab my hands, and pull me over to a yoga ball conveniently placed on the other side of the room. I lay down on my back and spread my legs. Your cock slides in too easily and you pull me against you over and over…mmmm fuck yes!!!!! You grab my legs and hold them together in front of you while you continue to pound your kuntlet. Mmm!!!

And then you pick me up by my feet and I roll back into a headstand. With your cock still in me, you step over me with one leg and fuck me while I’m completely upside down! I don’t know how it worked, but OMFG it was fucking incredible!!!!! You held me balanced. I was completely open to you, holding myself up on my elbows; my face between your feet.

When we’re done you slowly lower me to my back on the floor and help me up to my knees. Such a gentleman. 😉 NOW I may suck your cock. Tasting both of us together after such a head rush–for a few reasons–is completely magical. You stroke as I suck on your head and soon, my mouth is full of your sweet cum. Mmmmm I savor it, looking up at you, before I swallow. Thank you, Master! 🙂

We finish the movie and then head upstairs to shower and get ready for dinner! I put my hair up and do my make-up. I had asked you earlier to help me pick out a dress. I slip into the little black dress with nothing else under it. I grab my heels and come downstairs to meet you. Wow you look incredible! You pull me in for a hug and kiss me. Sooo wonderful. :* You lead me out to the car and open my door. What did I do to deserve this?! We get to the restaurant and you hold out your arm for me as we walk in. You make me feel so special and, I know it’s not the same, but I really really enjoyed this ‘date night’ with you. The food was wonderful!! The company was better. And then you surprise me by taking me out for drinks and dessert at one of your favorite places. We walk in and you ask which side of the table I want, knowing that I’m not wearing anything underneath. I choose the side facing away from the window..as much as I like windows. 😉 I climb up into the barstool happy with my decision. And then I lean forward over the table to whisper something to you and feel the cold air as my skirt slides up. I hope no one was looking! Lucky they’re not crowded! You can tell by my face and tease me about people looking behind me. 😛

Our drinks come and after just a few sips I can already feel it. It’s delicious! And dangerous if I’m already tipsy. You keep breaking your only rule by looking at me, but I’ll forgive you because I’m staring more. I can’t believe I’m here with you! My mind wanders… I see your hands on the table and think about where they’ve been and what they’ve done. I look at your eyes and see a spark (the same one that ignites whenever your Sadist side comes out). I feel myself blushing hard–must be this purple poison in front of me. Our waitress brings by our dessert–yum!! I love caramel. (That was so good! Thank you, Sir!) Perfect timing. It gives me something to focus on other than this incredibly sexy man sitting across from me.

When we’re done, you wrap your arm around me and we start to walk out. I glance over my shoulder back to my seat…OMG…the seat is shiny. I left a puddle in the chair…oops. I lose my balance and you catch me and keep me walking. I mention that I might be a little wet. We get to your car and you open the door and kiss me before you let me get in. Mmm.

You rest your hand on my thigh as we start driving back to your place. I spread my legs just a little and your hand slides up. Mmmmm. I spread my legs wider as your hands wander to my clit. I grab your arm tight, spreading my legs as wide as I possibly can. My skirt rolls up my waist. My hips grind against your fingers as I watch you stare intently at the road ahead. The only time I catch your eye is at a red light and soon a truck pulls up next to us. I close my legs around your hand and we just share a grin. A few minutes later, we are back to you house.

I take off my heels and carry them to the bottom of the stairs and drop to my knees on the second step crawling step by step to the top. I feel you and hear you behind me following me to the top.

Your kisses are heavenly. You pull me in and I just feel owned, and cherished, protected, secure, breathless… And you unbutton and unzip my dress and it falls in a heap to the floor. You undo your belt and slip out of your pants and take off your shirt…like I’ve said before, these moments get fuzzy for me anyways. Add 1 drop of alcohol to a situation and my memory becomes nonexistent.

Somehow I end up on my back with flowers (8 petals on each, I think) around my nipples. I honestly don’t remember you putting them on. But I recall you standing over me on the bed with your flogger and teasing me. Thighs, pussy, stomach…lightly over and around my chest. It’s a soothing, warming pain sparking all throughout my body. Being able to look up and see you; and to see you wielding it, choosing where to strike next. I am yours, Master. You pick up the crop and nudge one of the clothespins. At first, I think you’re just teasing me. You wouldn’t… no… that’s too much pain for me! And half a second later, you’ve flicked your wrist and swatted one of the clamps off. It takes a second to feel it, but it grows hot before it gets painful and then the two intensely mix together and the pain is so excruciating I can feel it down to my toes. But only for a second and then I’m left with just the heat and the great view up your legs! 😉 Again, one by one, you pick them off never allowing the pain to overlap. I feel the wave of every clothespin that you whip off singularly and entirely.

When we’re ready to shower, I walk in on you about to use the toilet–oops! I blush and back out. You invite me in and tell me to kneel in the bathtub. I admit, I was nervous where this was going to go. I kneel down in the back of the tub and you do your business. At first, I wasn’t sure if I was ready for this! It’s something we talked about and something I’ve been more and more curious about (particularly after some of my reader’s blogs!). But in this moment, I was questioning. However, the more I watched you, the more I wanted you…the more I hated that it wasn’t me below you. I sat up on my knees a little and caught your eye. THANK YOU for not making me beg you… or even say it. I wouldn’t have been able to. But you knew what I meant by it, or perhaps my face gave it away. You silently turned to me and (slowly–it felt like slow motion) finished on my chest. I smiled up as the warmth trickled down my chest, your ownership soaking me. I cannot be more grateful that you didn’t push me to or that you didn’t… on my face or in my mouth. You know I would let you. But it would not have been nearly as enjoyable as it was! I can feel a stupid smile plastered on my face as I grin up to you. You reach down and help me up and kiss me and you turn on the water and help me clean up. That smile stayed etched on my face for awhile.

That is until you kicked my butt at my favorite game! Ugh! How could you. 😛

I made a comment earlier about how you just tossed your belt aside when we got back from dinner. We make our way upstairs and you grab it and bend me over. I reach down to the floor for support as the first THWACK lands across the back of my legs. OH FUCK that was hard. This is what I can’t do to myself on those nights when we only have Skype. Now I’ll know what I’m missing and, maybe, be grateful. (Maybe.) Over. And over. And over. Until I wonder if his belt can even withstand these. I remember needing a moment a few times. Especially when one crossed over another mark. If he had not taken a picture, I never would have believed all the beautiful red stripes. SO many. And so wonderful to feel it from your hand. I won’t soon forget, that’s for damn sure! Thank you for doing that for me. 🙂

We crawl into bed; I am BEAT! I think we both are. As we cuddle, my tender chest presses into his side and his icy hand slides down over my side and over the marks.

One more day to write about. I’d say sorry for this post being so long, but every single moment is a memory worth immortalizing. And so many more that I left out! Master, I hope you fill in the blanks as you read this. 🙂 Thanks to my readers for following our story.


Armbinder and Dragon’s Fire

Day 2 starts with sweet, morning kisses as I roll over into your arms again. Chest to chest, face to face, we both wake. I draw my knee up over your lap and feel your cock against my leg. I smile at you. I think mornings are my favorite, though that sounds far too vanilla.

Eventually, we do make it out from under the blankets and, well, ON the bed. You grab the leather contraption we didn’t use last time. Before I know it, you have slipped it down over my shoulders and are locking (yes, in fact locking, as I found out later) the thick leather collar part around my neck. My arms are pulled back behind me as you zip up the leather around my arms, pulling them back even more in in this “v” behind me. I feel so constricted. And so exposed as my bare chest is forced out. One by one, you tighten straps (that I didn’t know existed) around my arms together, holding them tighter still. I cannot move anything except my fingers.

As you walk around to my front, I can’t help but smile up at you. You take advantage of the situation I’m in and pinch my nipples, pulling me closer to you and my eyes glaze over. Holy. Fuck. You grab your clamps and put them in place, attaching the chain between to the rings in this collar. If I pull back at all or even take a deep breath, they pull nicely. I hear clinking and open my eyes to see you turning around with another, nastier set of clamps. You bend down and I spread my legs instinctively for you as you pull my lips apart and clamp one. The chain runs through a ring behind me and back down to the other side. Even as you clamp the other, I can feel it pulling. Once you let go, I move my hands inside and feel them tug. I grin up to you once more, but I don’t meet your eyes as you’re looking…somewhere else…

I have NO idea how much time passes, only that it moves too quickly.

You remove both sets of clamps and I come back to some level of awareness. I hear a louder clinking and my jaw drops as you turn around with a big, heavy, chain. What can you possibly do with that?! You mention something about a leash as you clip it to the front O ring on the collar. Words like ‘degrading’ and ‘humiliating’ float through my head with images of girls on leashes in porn I’ve seen over the years. And yet when you nudge, I follow your lead, leaning forward into you. You tighten the leash when my body presses into yours and you kiss me. I am all yours, my Sir. You guide me off the bed and to my feet–I’m shaking a little. Your hand with the lead starts to lower. My legs open wider, not knowing or even thinking about what you are doing. Your other hand comes around me and I realize what you’re doing as the chain tightens between my legs. I shake a little to adjust it. Honestly, I’m a little disappointed you ‘dropped’ the leash bit so soon. But then I start to take a step forward and I know exactly why you did. I can feel my face turning bright red as I walk out of the room, down the hall, and down each step of your staircase. I do love looking back at you and meeting your smile. 🙂 You lead me to the living room and I kneel by your seat. You hold out my glass and offer me water. So thoughtful! I lean forward…uhhh the chain slides against my clit as I do…and sip through the straw. We start watching a movie–I have no idea what or what is happening other than my subtle movements are making me crazy and I can’t stop. The chain…the bondage…sitting at your feet… I almost feel bad getting your chain all wet. Sooooooo hot!!!!!

Eventually, my hands start tingling and I keep procrastinating saying something because “I can last a little longer” but when my arms started getting numb, I look over to you and, well, hesitate again. But you ask if I’m ok to which I respond. Thank you for asking! My subbie side has trouble speaking. 😛 After grabbing the key (this was when I learned it was in fact locked!), you help me out of this and put MY collar back in place.

You tap the seat beside you, inviting me up off the floor and I happily climb up and force you to cuddle with me (I’m terrible, I know!) as we finish the movie. I’m still so distracted by you and probably annoying you with all my kisses and affection. Deal with it.

We get dressed for the first time all day and head to the store where I turn back into my shy, quiet self and get ingredients for lasagna. I don’t cook…but I attempt it. You keep peering back over the top of the couch and making me blush. What?! Don’t look at me.

After our early dinner, we curl up on the couch and start watching The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series. Curled up here with my head on your shoulder or in your lap is the BEST! I miss that so much as I sit here writing. 🙂

One moment, I catch your eye and lean over for a kiss. I back away as you lean in, smiling as it’s kind of my thing. I love when you grab me and hold me. Suddenly, and I do mean suddenly, I’m on the floor with my legs in the air and you’re holding me almost upside-down. “Stick out your tongue.” I obey, opening my mouth. You bend down and spit directly down on my tongue and smack my ass SO hard. Fuck! That was so fast…and so hot… I know it shouldn’t be as it was meant to be a punishment, but damn. You hold me in that position and slide your cock into my sopping wet kunt and SLAM soooo hard over and over. Being pinned down and fucked like this… I came so fast. It sprayed over my face and in my mouth and dripped down my stomach to my chest and down my neck…. I laid there for a second after you were done with your kunt to recover. My Dragon. :*

And the show goes on. I kneel between your feet and rest my head on your knee, glancing back every so often just for a peek. I’m so comfortable here. With you.

When we do make it back upstairs, we slip right into bed. I enjoy being with you as we wind down. Listening to your heart beat, feeling your breathing slow down as you drift off to sleep.

Such tender moments… :* Miss you, Master.


The First Day of Our Va/Stay-cation

It’s 5 am, I’ve been up all night at the airport and on the plane on my way to you. I de-plane and find a Starbucks, my natural habitat. And then I get a text to come outside. I see your car and I want to run out and hug and kiss you… but this is your territory and I’m hesitant. I walk over to you and you pull me into the best hug. I take a deep breath and you kiss me, making me relax even more.

We get in the car: I’m quiet in the mornings anyways and even more so with you which I don’t understand. I care too much what you think. And then you hold my hand. My thumb traces the back of your hand as we get further from the big city and out into the beautiful countryside–shades of green you will never see in California.

We stop for breakfast and it feels just like being with you before. Talking, laughing; it’s just us in the restaurant for awhile so we can talk pretty freely. More people join as the sun comes up (I might be exaggerating just a little) and I end up smiling and blushing when your face lights up. I have a love/hate relationship with that stare, as you know. Your eyes…I feel so vulnerable, like you know everything I’m thinking. That vulnerability makes me feel even more submissive which makes me quieter, which makes me look over to you more. Vicious cycle.

After a fantastic breakfast (and getting GIANT donuts for the next day), we get in and head to your house! I’m so nervous. This is the other side of Skype. It almost feels untouchable; sacrosanct. I step in and drop to my knees…to greet the kitties, of course. But catching a glimpse of you from down here isn’t too bad, either. 😉 You give me a tour of your beautiful home and I recall several nights on Skype, fitting it all in.

We head upstairs and the tour ends with the guest room where we’ll be staying. 🙂 We step in. Up to this point, I’ve kind of tiptoed around, feeling nervous to be here for a few reasons, but you hold me and kiss me and everything feels okay again. SOMEhow, our clothes end up in piles on the floor and we end up on the bed.

Just us; you, me, and the collar around my neck.

These parts are always a little fuzzy and I don’t like writing specifics anyways, but there was one moment that really stands out clearly to me and I’m not sure if it does for you or not… You were laying back against the headboard; I was between your legs, lips around your cock and drool running down. Your hand tightens in my hair and you almost growl “Don’t take your mouth off” or something to that effect. You push me down, down, and I gag and pull up keeping the tip in. I glance up at you and your hand guides me again. I love listening to your deep groan when my throat tightens around you. But one time, I pull back too far, gasping, and before I can think, I feel this sting across my cheek, causing me to gasp harder. I look at you with slightly teary eyes and sink back down. When you ask what I did, I respond–as well as anyone could with cock on their tongue–that I took my mouth off your cock. My cheek gets hot and I look down, continuing to suck you. The slap pulled me from the fuzzy state of mind and I had to clearly process my punishment, remembering my place not just here in this bed.

Later on, because we are both exhausted, we slip under the (wet) covers and take a nap. I miss feeling your smooth, hot body pressed up against mine as we relax together.

When we wake a few hours later, you head downstairs and I start to follow, but in the openness of the house, I feel weird being naked…So I slip on my bra and a thong. Hey, at least it’s something. We cuddle on the couch and watch a movie on Netflix–some of my favorite time with you was right there in that spot.

Can’t recall exactly when, but sometime later you pull out your (HUGE) box of toys. I look through it, as you suggest, and…don’t want to stand here staring at it forever. Plus, there’s SO much of everything that I don’t know what to start with. My eye immediately caught–ok, maybe I was immediately searching for–the flogger. The black and red one. I pick it up, knowing as I turn that you’re going to be disappointed I went exactly where you knew I would. As I suspected, you commented on it. But you so kindly oblige and FUCK!

As I’m bend over on my knees on the bed, it hits harder than I remembered. Takes me by surprise. And again. I hear a solid thwack instead of individual tails tapping. Over and over until my ass and back feel glowing hot. One by one, each a different weight, making me lose my mind. The cold air on my pussy tells me that I’m more than a little wet. Suddenly, a smaller, faster, harder, louder hit and I know you’ve grabbed the crop. I grab the comforter in both fists, pulling myself down as you continue… mmmmmm. SO hot. You kneel up on the bed behind me and I jump at your touch as you grab my hips. Your hands feel like ice against my skin. I feel your cock against me and lean back into you… You start with slow, controlled thrusts, but I fall apart when you pull me back and slam into your kunt harder and faster, both of us moaning in unison.

I’m sure I’m missing things and telling them out of order as I do, but these are some moments from the first day! :*


15 Clothespins for 15 Days

I’ve missed a few posts, but I will jump back in on a few nights ago’s session:

15 clothespins, for 15 days left until we see each other again!!! (I can’t even describe how ecstatic I am!) I start putting them in place. 6-petal flowers on each tit, one on each nipple, and one more anywhere I’d like. I put the first couple on and then the fire ignites. I put a few on the other side to match. As soon as I get the 6th one on each side, the entire circle lights up and soon, I am glowing red. I put one on my clit. I pinch my nipple–extra tender now–and put the clothespin on. Instantly, tears stream down my face and I’m bent in half, consciously reminding myself that I need to breathe. I sit up and pinch my other nipple. I start to let the clothespin go… I can’t. I can’t… I write asking if I may take them off my nipples. “Too much?”

I reply, “As much as I hate to admit it–” that’s an understatement, “–yes, Sir.”

no response. Seconds become agonizing, torturous hours as I wait. I plead.

With his permission, I open the one in my hand and nearly rip the other one off in haste. After a few deep breaths, I come back to a place of manageable pain. At least jumping in cold. I ask where he’d like them instead and they end up on my pussy lips beside the single clamp on my clit.

“15 good swats to your inner thighs with your hairbrush.” Which I forgot… I crawl away, all 15 clothespins dauntingly dangling and swaying. I kneel once again and hold the clamps out of the way so I can get nice and close to his kunt. The first one takes me by surprise, stinging MUCH more than I anticipated. But I don’t back away in strength. I get to 5 on the first side and switch to the other leg. I already have a nice color. 2 more sets of 5 to each side and each swat stings twice as much as the last. My legs are a bright, hot red with a purple stripe down the center. My tits are nearing the same color now.

“Time for a little pleasure then.” Yessss please!!!! “Begin with your vibrator.” I grin as I pull it out and turn it on. He sends a message and as I read, I realize it’s more torture and teasing. Counting out loud, every 30 seconds or every time I need to cum, I will pull the vibe out and pinch one clothespin off. As soon as the vibe touches me at all, the fiery pain tingles away. After the first clamp comes off, I am already struggling not to cum. I count to 30 in a very shaky voice (which just turns me on more if I’m completely honest) and take off the next. I get 3 off before I beg to cum.

After 3 more. I start cumming no matter how hard I try to hold back as I take off the 5th one and end up squirming around on my hands and knees fighting to regain control. Deep, slow breaths get me through to the last one. As soon as I pinch it off and throw it aside, I write “nowwww” to my Master as I just can’t fight any more. Wave after wave, splashing everywhere.

Somehow, I manage to get 6 more off–only begging to cum once in that set. As soon as I’m through a few minutes later, another long, amazing orgasm takes complete control.

3 clamps left. “I suppose we’d better make you wait a minute each then.” He;s toying with me. He’s not serious. Would he really…? Yes. Yes, he did.

But OMG was it worth it in the end! I soaked through the towel I was on.

It still surprises me how fickle pain can be. Always learning more facets and more processes with how I react to it.


As The Rain Falls…

Tonight (the third? or fourth? night of our trip), we don’t have any games planned which means he’s all mine! We get dressed up and he takes me out for a wonderful dinner! We walk a couple blocks (heels + cobblestone + me makes me very grateful to have his arm… or maybe it was just the excuse I needed). And we avoid getting knocked over by a drunk, almost naked bicyclist–narrow miss! We get down to the restaurant and I am pleasantly surprised to find private booths. Fantastic atmosphere! (Muah! Thank you, Sir!) We order drinks and our meals: bison(?) steak and the best chicken I’ve ever tasted. Sitting across from him, I can’t help but grin…and then I get self-conscious and look away…and then I catch his eye again and cannot fight my smile. Vicious cycle. I slide around to his side of the booth after our meals are done and my hand slips back into this quickly-formed habit of stroking his thigh and he embraces me in his arm. My head naturally rests on his shoulder and I could not think of anywhere I’d rather be. I’m very aware of how short my skirt is and…how secluded we are. My thoughts drift to naughty things! And I can feel how wet I am. Not just wet at this point–sopping. My face is flushed, though maybe that’s the mojito. I think we are both excited to get back to our beautiful room.

We make it back to the room and I suggest a trip down to the jacuzzi. He kindly obliges even though I know he’s not too thrilled with the idea. We change and catch the elevator to the bottom only to discover that the pool area is…a pool. Yep, no jacuzzi for me. You win this time, Sir. In the elevator back up, it’s just us the entire 14 floor ride. Mmmmm. He presses me up against the wall and, well, security got a nice show. 😉 His hand tightens in my hair and pulls me into subspace…that easily. I distinctly remember the walk from the elevator to our room being an exceedingly long and fuzzy one.

The sky had been blue when we went to dinner, but coming back up to our room with wall-to-wall windows, the sky has become gray and dark. I, being the lover of rain that I am, pull the curtains back to watch the rain lightly fall against the window and the lights of the city below become blurred.

Thwack! My Master took the opportunity as I was bent over in my swim suit to flog my ass. I immediately spread my legs and arch my back, begging for more. He alternates all over my backside while I watch the rain grow from a light trickle to harder streams. MM!! It lands up between my legs on my clit and pussy…soooo wet. And back to my back and ass. He does some light strokes, and some stinging ones, but never will I stop asking for more. I never know where to expect it, or how hard to expect it. I press myself forward into the cold window, listening to the rainstorm, feeling the warmth of my body under his flog contrast with the icy glass. Over and over, he hits my clit and I can’t control myself. He builds a steady, accelerating rhythm between my legs and before I can even ask, I am cumming SO HARD with every. Single. Wonderful. Sting. I have no idea how long it lasted, only that every moment was indescribably and insanely glorious! As I lean forward again (because I was squirming a LOT) I can see my breath on the glass and my breathing finally calms down to almost normal. It’s pouring now! The storm built with our play. I turn around and thank him, still a little shaken. Okay, maybe a lot shaken. He pulls me into a hug and I’m suddenly aware of his cock pressing through his suit. Mmm I grind my hips against him…also realizing how wet MY suit is. I slip out of it and toss it in the corner. One of my favorite moments EVER! I cannot believe the ride he took me on that evening.

Not quite sure how we got there, but we do eventually make it to the bed and… well, I’ll keep some things private. But he ends up with the crop in hand and I beg him to use it on my clit (now knowing how powerful that can be!). I lay on my back on the edge of the bed with my legs spread wide. His face, his reaction to seeing his slut… mmmmm. He smiles down at me as he pulls the tip of the crop up lined up with my clit. My heart is pounding and my breathing stops, waiting for him to pull the trigger… waiting is the worst part. He uses that and twitches the toy, making me tense up. His evil, Sadistic grin makes me shake my head and smile. And then:

CRACK!! It echoes and, I swear, you could hear it echo down the hall outside. The fire grows, but I can’t feel a thing… He is shocked by the noise, too and…sadly… that’s the end of that for the night. I try to persuade him that, to neighbors, it could easily be mistaken for thunder, but he say no anyways. 😛 (While I didn’t feel the sting right away, I was definitely tender later when his fingers slid down.)

After the loud thunder-strike, we lay down in the pile of pillows at the top of the bed (though I still prefer his shoulder) and lay there for… I cannot say how long, but it was perfect! Him in only boxers, I could feel our bare chests with every breath I took. We watched the storm roll in over the city, and watched the rain against the windows. Have I mentioned I love the rain? It can’t even compare to this moment.